Publisert 23. mai 2018 12:53

room: Caml and C

date: 8 June


Pls refer to this link for your timeslot.

Publisert 13. apr. 2018 14:56

Due to personal reason, the student who is supposed to present the topic on "IP QoS" withdraw the course. It is very difficult to make some adjustment now. In this case, we have some changes in the lectures.

- on 27.04, the student presentation on "IP QoS" is cancelled. Then, we will have the lecture on "AI for network traffic control" from 9:15.

- the two articles (the students are supposed to present) will not be included in the oral exam. Only the teaching material on 20.04 will be included.

Publisert 6. mars 2018 07:33

On 09.03, we will have the guest lecture first and then the student will present.

- 9:15-10:15, Tarik Cicic will present "Multicast in Internet"

- 10:30-11:30, Gard Olsen will present the topic on "Big Data"

Publisert 5. feb. 2018 11:08


On this Friday, Tor Skeie will give lecture on IP Router and then Morten Engelsåstrø will present the topic on SDN.


Next Friday (16.02), the students will present SDN articles. The student presentation on Router will be given on 04.05.

Publisert 20. des. 2017 17:02

Please find the time and lecture room

Time: 9:15-12:00 

Date: 19.01.2018 (Friday)

Room: Postscript


INF5050 has the following features

  • Lectures are given by the invited experts from industry, government organizations and academic
  • State-of-the-art topics are well-covered, e.g., Big Data, Software Defined Networking, Cloud, Internet of Things
  • Classic topics are included and further updated, e.g., optical, WiFi, protocol for multimed...