Semesterside for INF5110 - Vår 2016

I added a collection of exams. It is not complete, and may be extended later, if time allows.  Solutions are currently /not/ shown, as they the collection is  intended to help preparing for the exam. That's best done by solving them by oneself (or at least attempting to) without having immediately the solution  at the fingertips as well.


They are uploaded under the handout directory.

20. mai 2016 09:47

I uploaded the last batch of the slide + a pdf containing all the slides of the lecture. No more additional material will be added therefore (but there may be additional slides concerning exercises or old exams).



10. mai 2016 13:39

I added earlier this week info about the oblig-2 (which is contained

in the corresponding directory/tab). It includes slides, a description of the task, a document describing the ``byte-code''. Additionally zipped archives of code to start from.


Also the slides about RTE have been updated (there was a typo in one of the programs for call-by-name)

14. apr. 2016 09:36