Semesterside for INF5110 - Vår 2017

If interested in more details about the ``semantic phase'' of a compiler, you might consider signing up for ``INF5906''


it's more advanced (i.e. for especially interested master students and also for PhD students). It focuses a bit more on formal background of static analysis. For example, digging deeper into Live variable analsysis and related analysis is on the pensum. Also more advanced type systems (not as ``trivial'' as the ones we had in the compiler construction lecture.



25. juni 2017 12:45

I uploaded also a version of the exam with hints of a correct solution. Martin

21. juni 2017 09:31

After the exam: for your interest, the exam-text is available for reference.

Hints for solution will follow, once typed up more cleanly.

7. juni 2017 16:18