Semesterside for INF5110 - Vår 2019



this year no one asked so far about "what's the solution" or feedback from the correction.


Anyway, I make some remarks concerning the solution and the exam public.




30. sep. 2019 11:32

As mentioned in last lecture: there will be an ``extra event'' (not a lecture or exercice,but an opportunity for you to have last questions in preparation to the exam. Ideally, at that point, you should have

had a look at the exam questions from last rounds.



the data/place of that event is 10. June, 10:!5, same place as usual (shell). Martin


15. mai 2019 11:45

As additional information for the chapter ``code gen'' I uploaded

a scan of relevent pages from the ``old'' Dragon book. The material is also covered on the slides, but one may also read the scanned sections besides those.  It's added under the directory ``handouts''. Martin

6. mai 2019 08:53