Syllabus/achievement requirements

Material from all lectures and OBLIG,

Lecture Notes INF5120

Part I – MDE - Model Driven Engineering.

Part II – SOA – Service Oriented Arcitectures.

Part III – MDE for SOA – COMET-S with BMM, BPMN and UPMS.

Part IV – MDI – Model Driven Interoperability.

Part V – Supplement on Buyer/Seller Purchase Order Example.

Some selected articles on MDI

Andreas Limyr, Tor Neple, Arne-Jørgen Berre, and Brian Elvesæter: Semaphore – A Model-Based Semantic Mapping Framework, Semaphore.pdf.

Arne-Jørgen Berre, Brian Elvesæter, Nicolas Figay, Claudia Guglielmina, Svein G. Johnsen, Dag Karlsen, Thomas Knothe and Sonia Lippe: The ATHENA Interoperability Framework, AIF_IESA_v9.pdf.

Christian Hahn, Cristian Madrigal-Mora and Klaus Fischer: Interoperability through a Platform-Independent Model for Agents, IESA_HahnEtAl.pdf.

K. Arnarsdóttir, A.-J. Berre, A. Hahn, M. Missikoff, F. Taglino: Semantic mapping: ontology-based vs. model-based approach Alternative or complementary approaches?, EMOI06Ppaper.pdf.


ATL User manual,

MOFScript user manual,

Tools and technologies in OBLIG

Supporting literature

Thomas Stahl, Markus Voelter, Krzysztof Czarncki: Model-Driven Software Development: Technology, Engineering, Management (Paperback), 2006. Wiley. ISBN: 978-0-470-02570-3.

Domenico Beneventano, Nikolai Dahlem, Sabina El Haoum, Axel Hahn, Daniele Montanari, Matthias Reinelt: Ontology-driven Semantic Mapping, Ontology-driven_Semantic_Mapping.pdf..

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