Teaching plan

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
21.01.2008AJB  Lille auditorium  Introduction to MBSU, MDA, OO and Service/SOA modeling  Slides course plan
Slides Lecture 1 
28.01.2008AJB  Lille auditorium  Business Process Modeling (CIM) - with BPMN   Slides Lecture 2

Exercise: Eclipse / BPMN tutorial – establishing groups (Geir, Odd Christer, Tore) 
04.02.2008BRE  Lille auditorium  Metamodeling and UML profiles, MDA technologies (EMF/GMF) – BPMN example  Slides Lecture 3

Exercise: EMF og GMF tutorial – groups (Ismar, Odd Christer) 
11.02.2008BRE  Lille auditorium  Language Engineering and DSL – SOA Example  Slides Lecture 4

Exercise: OBLIG 1-a: BPMN modelling – Webshop (CIM) – Group pres. (Geir. Odd Christer) 
18.02.2008GO  Lille auditorium  Model transformations with ATL and QVT – and JEE  Slides Lecture 5

Exercise: Intro to Papyrus for UML and UML profiles, UPMS light in EMF 
25.02.2008AJB  Lille auditorium  COMET-S Business and Requirements Modelling. UPMS SOA profile  Slides Lecture 6

Exercise: OBLIG 1-b: UPMS light i EMF/GMF and UML profile in Papyrus – group pres. 
03.03.2008BRE  Lille auditorium  Method Engineering and Service Modelling  Slides Lecture 7

Exercise: Questions 
10.03.2008GO  Lille auditorium  Code generation with MOFScript and other technologies  Slides Lecture 8

Exercise: OBLIG 1-c: ATL transformation rules from BPMN to UPMS light fpr WebShop - group pres. 
17.03.2008–  –  –  Easter 
24.03.2008–  –  –  Easter 
31.03.2008AJB  Lille auditorium  Service Design - GRASP Patterns, Design Patterns, SOA Patterns and Refactoring  Slides Lecture 9

Exercise: Walkthrough of OBLIG 1 – WebShop Service model finalisation 
07.04.2008BRE, GO  Lille auditorium  SOA, Web services architecture, XML, WSDL, BPEL  Slides Lecture 10

Exercise: Questions 
14.04.2008BRE  Lille auditorium  Model Driven Interoperability  Slides Lecture 11

Exercise: OBLIG 2-a: MOFScript transformation rules from UPMS light to JEE (annotated Java) – Group pres. 
21.04.2008Ismar Slomic, Jan Øyvind Aagedal  Lille auditorium  14:15 - (Multi) Agent Software Technologies (Ismar Slomic), 15:15 - Practical Architecture Work at Telenor (Jan Øyvind Aagedal)  Jan Øyvind Aagedal work as an architect at Telenor Nordic IS

Slides: (Multi) Agent Software Technologies
Slides: Practical Architecture Work at Telenor

Exercise: Example of JEE deployment for WebShop 
28.04.2008AJB  Lille auditorium  Model Driven Semantic interoperability – with Semantic web, Ontologies and Semantic SOA  Slides Lecture 13

Exercise: OBLIG 2-b: MDI extension - delivery (Essay) 
05.05.2008AJB  Lille auditorium  Course summary with lecture notes structure  Slides Lecture 14

Presentations oblig 2b (groups 5, 6 and 7) 
26.05.2008–  Lille auditorium  Previous exams and QA session   

Exam: June 2nd 2008
AJB – Arne J. Berre
BRE – Brian Elvesæter
GO – Gøran Olsen

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