Obligatory exercise 2

Deadline: April 27th

Discussion: May 4th

Use MDA technology in Eclipse (with MOFScript) to generate code for web services (with WSDL, XML, and maybe BPEL), maybe also by using JEE, for the system that was specified in obligatory exercise 1. There might be a need for a further refinement of the models from obligatory exercise 1. The models must be transferred to Eclipse EMF by using XMI for further transformation/generation.

Look at example for code generation (provisioning) from SoaML models in the new Cameo SOA+ and ModelPro for Eclipse code generation from MagicDraw and ModelDriven.org. This can be downloaded from www.magicdraw.com (license valid until July 1st 2009).

Discuss in what extent techniques from part III of the course (MDI - Model Driven Interoperability) can be used if our system shall integrate with another system which supports parts of the same functionality.

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