Teaching plan

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
19.01.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  Modelbased System development  Slides Lecture 1 
26.01.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  BMM and BPMN  Slides Lecture 2 
02.02.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  UML2 and SysML, Objecteering SOA and Scope, – Collaboration /Component models  Slides Lecture 3


09.02.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  SoaML I (PIM) and Requirements modeling , CIM->PIM  Slides Lecture 4


OMG SoaML (PowerPoint) 

16.02.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  Metamodeling , DSL and UML profiles, MDA technologies (XMI, Eclipse, EMF/GMF)   Slides Lecture 5 
23.02.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  SOA and Service Design - GRASP Patterns, Design Patterns, SOA Patterns and Refactoring  Slides Lecture 6 
02.03.2009BRE  3B Informatikkbygningen  Method Engineering and SPEM / EPF  Slides Lecture 7 
09.03.2009GO  3B Informatikkbygningen  Model transformations with ATL, MOFScript and other technologies  Slides Lecture 8 
16.03.2009GO  3B Informatikkbygningen  Code generation with MOFScript and other technologies  Slides Lecture 9 
23.03.2009BRE  3B Informatikkbygningen  SOA, Web services architecture, XSD, WSDL, BPEL  Slides Lecture 10 
30.03.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  SoaML and Model Driven Interoperability  Slides Lecture 11

Obligatory exercise 2 

20.04.2009Neil Loughran, Ismar Slomic, Weiqing Zhang  3B Informatikkbygningen  Guest lectures  14:15 - Neil Loughran, SINTEF: Model driven development with Open ArchitectureWare. Slides, example project

15:15 - Ismar Slomic, Accenture: Practical experiences with Business modeling and SOA - using BPMN and BPEL with IBM Web Sphere for process automation in the Norwegian retirement system at NAV. (Slides will be available later)

16:15 - Weiqing Zhang: Mappings from SoaML to Web services with ModelPro and MagicDraw (Cameo SOA+). Slides and tutorial (ZIP) 

27.04.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  Model Driven Interoperability - II - Ontologies, Semantic web and Semantic Modeling  Slides Lecture 13  
04.05.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  Course summary   
25.05.2009AJB  3B Informatikkbygningen  Question/Answer session – Exam 2008 example (1600-1700)   

Exam: May 29th, 2009 (Friday)

AJB – Arne J. Berre

BRE – Brian Elvesæter

GO – Gøran Olsen

ARS – Arnor Solberg

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