Semesterside for INF5120 - Vår 2018

Time: June 15, at 14:30 (4 hours).

Place: Sal 3C Silurveien 2

Directions (From Ole-Johan Dahls hus): From Ole-Johan Dahls hus

Directions (From Majorstuen): From Majorstuen 

14. juni 2018 04:41

14:15 – 15:00:  ThingML- A Domain Specific Language in practice - Franck Fleurey, Tellu,  and

15:15 – 16:00:  ArDoq – for System Architecture models in the context of Enterprise  Architecture - Magnulf Pilskog, Ardoq,

16:15 – 17:00:  Saliha Sajid, UiO,  Eclipse and Oblig 4 for graphical or lexical DSL for Node-RED  – and Discussion for Oblig 3

6. mai 2018 13:59
INF5120 Monday May 30th,  14:30 - 16:30 will be held at the IBM Office at Lakkegata 53, Oslo downtown (near Grønland T station)
Contact person:  Lars Hovind
Group presentations of the "Smart Office" project - 10 minutes for each group plus discussions
Each of the groups shall be present - and  present their proposed project - in terms of the value proposition in the Business Model/Lean Canvas - and the associated ArchiMate Motivation/Strategy/Business Model  - further present a first version of a Node-RED Design Model for how proposed sensors/services can be designed and realised - and discuss how this will provide input for the  ArhiMate 3.0 technical models/layers:  Application, Technology and Physical models.
IBM will have representatives both from the Office user side and from the Node-RED, Raspberry PI, IoT technology side....
27. apr. 2018 21:40