Semesterside for INF5130 - Høst 2011

test-assign2.maude: the file has been updated and now should work with Maude 2.6. Sorry for the inconvenient and thanks for the feedback!

26. okt. 2011 18:34

  • Notice that the Time and place link is now correctly updated to Wednesdays at 14.15, but we will meet at OJD 2438 Seminarrom Logo.

  • ERRATA: Lecture3,slide 12, 's38['0.Zero] --> 's38['0.Zero]. Thanks Peter for noticing! (Well, of course there is an underscore between s and 38, but this system does not display it...)

6. sep. 2011 16:00

Note: from now on the lectures will be on Wednesday at 14.15.

26. aug. 2011 16:50