Teaching plan

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
26.08.2011Daniela Lepri  OJD 2453 Seminarrom Perl  Introduction  Note: It is mandatory to attend to the first lecture! 26. august. We will start at 9:15

Course introduction/Maude repetition.


Code for some of the exercises 

31.08.2011Daniela Lepri  OJD 2423 Seminarrom Java  Assignment #1   Mandatory assignment #1: Modeling and analysis of a communication protocol.


Assignment 1 RBP paper 

07.09.2011Daniela Lepri    Metaprogramming 1: The representation of modules  Slides 
14.09.2011Daniela Lepri    Exercises from slide set 3  Solutions 
21.09.2011Daniela Lepri  OJD 2438 Seminarrom Logo  Metaprogramming 2: Execution and strategies   Deadline assignment #1


28.09.2011Daniela Lepri  OJD 2438 Seminarrom Logo  Exercises from slide set 4  Mandatory assignment #2

Assignment 2 nspk test-assign2


05.10.2011Daniela Lepri  OJD 2438 Seminarrom Logo   Introduction to part 2 of the course  Slides

Topic I: Model checking Curriculum Paper 1 Paper 2

Topic II: Biological cells Curriculum Paper

Topic III: Strategy language Curriculum Paper

Topic IV: Narrowing Curriculum Paper

Topic V: Real-Time Systems Curriculum Paper

Topic VI: Mobile Maude Curriculum Paper 1 Paper 2 

12.10.2011Daniela Lepri  OJD 2438 Seminarrom Logo   An introduction to temporal logic   Slides 
19.10.2011    No lecture   
26.10.2011Daniela Lepri  OJD 2438 Seminarrom Logo  Teacher presentation  Deadline assignment #2

Topic II (Daniela) 

02.11.2011  OJD 2438 Seminarrom Logo   Student presentations  Topic III (Eyvind)

Topic IV (Peter) 

09.11.2011  OJD 2438 Seminarrom Logo  Student/Teacher presentations  Topic V (Lucian)

Topic I (Daniela) 

No more lectures

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
07.12.2011      Final exam, starting at 10.00 
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