Semesterside for INF5140 - Vår 2015

Hi, I uploaded the ``all slides in one pdf'' document. I also made it to a "handout"-format, so that it's easier to print. The student presentations are mostly not part of it, and the presentation of LTA->Buechi construnction is also not covered.

9. juni 2015 09:06

I uploaded a scan of the material I illustrated on the whiteboard as excerpted scan of the Book which I had read as preparation.

Interesting are in particular the 2 examples towards the end, which illustrate the construction. In the lecture I did not have time to go through the examples, I just tried to convey the general intuition of the construction (like why states are sets of formulas etc.)



The scan is stored in the directory "handouts", not "slides"

30. apr. 2015 16:03

Hei, velkommen til første oppmøte i seminarrommet i 8. etasje, kl.10:00-11:30!

19. jan. 2015 15:43