Teaching plan

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
29.08.2008Haugen  3B  Introduction  Foils for Introduction: 
01.09.2008Haugen  3B  Interactions in UML 2  Foils on Interactions

NOTE!!! This is a lecture in the time of the exercise group 14.15 - 16.00 because lecturers are away on Friday 

05.09.2008Vintervoll  3B  Papyrus IFI UML  Presenting and demoing the UML modeling tool to be used this semester.

Start here to find the tool 

09.09.2008Vintervoll  3B  Exercises: Sequence diagrams and the tool  On-the-fly exercises. No preparations other than having followed the lectures or read the slides should be necessary.


12.09.2008Stølen  3B  Refinement 1  Foils for the first lecture on refinement


Solution to exercises 

15.09.2008Vintervoll  3B  Exercises: Advanced Tool-Usage, Brainstorming  We will walk through the process of creating a transformable and executable model from scratch. Preparation: Study the ICU0 project and recreate a (transformable) version from scratch.

We will also brainstorm Obligatory Exercise/Project ideas.


19.09.2008Stølen  3B  Refinement 2  Foils for the second lecture on refinement

First Obligatory Excercise: Solve Exercise 2 on STAIRS in the exam paper for 2007

Solution to Oblig1

Walkthrough of Oblig1

More background on UML-neg and STAIRS


Solution to exercises 

26.09.2008Haugen  3B  Agile modeling 1  Foils for Agile 1

Step-by-step guide: Transforming and Executing ICU0

Obligatory Exercise 2. First version. 

03.10.2008Brændeland  3B  Refinement 3  Foils for the third lecture on refinement


Solution to exercises 

10.10.2008Haugen  3B  Agile Modeling 2  Foils to Agile 2

Foils on tool on consistency modeling (for Monday)

Increments leading towards Oblig2 model

Please notice that the first increments are not explicitly walked through during exercise hours, but are meant to show when you optimally should reach those increments.

ICU2.di2 ICU2.uml Service hotpos introduced

ICU3.di2 ICU3.uml Archive introduced

ICU4.di2 ICU4.uml Submachines introducted. Disclaimer: A bug with Submachines requires us to use a workaround: Submachines need to use Exit Points instead of Final States when it terminates and the transition in the parent Statemachine leads to another (non-final) State.  

13.10.2008OBLIG 1 DEADLINE  Cyberspace  OBLIG 1  The deadline is 0900 AM

You should e-mail your answer to Gyrd Brændeland, gyrd@ifi.uio.no 

13.10.2008Haugen / Vintervoll / Brændshøi  3B  Model consistency  We will perform a controlled experiment where the students will be asked to perform some exercises, some manually and some by using a provided tool.

It is advantageous that the students have used the Papyrus IFI UML tool before and have an intuitive understanding of consistency between sequence diagrams and state machines.

The tool will briefly be introduced already on Friday 10 October.

There will be prizes for participation and for best results. 

17.10.2008Stølen  3B  Security Analysis 1  Foils for the first lecture on security analysis


Filled in questionnaire

Walkthrough of exercises

Solution to exercises 

17.10.2008Vintervoll  2G  Extra project guidance  12.15 - 12.45 : Group 3

12.45 - 13.15 : Group 2

13.15 - 13.45 : Group 4

13.45 - 14.15 : Group ? (1) 

20.10.2008Assistant teachers  3B  Walkthrough Oblig 1  Walkthrough of Oblig 1 by Gyrd Brændeland

Solution to Oblig1 

24.10.2008Haugen  3B  Service Architecture for Reactive Systems  Foils to Agile 3, service architecture

ICU4-DEFER.di2 ICU4-DEFER.uml The users are serialized

ICU5-revised.di2 ICU5-revised.uml (Revised, again) The users are handled concurrently

Remember to update your Papyrus/IFI UML through the procedure given in the last slide of the lecture! 

31.10.2008Stølen  3B  Security Analysis 2  Foils for the second lecture on security analysis

Second Obligatory Excercise - Part II: Security Risk Analysis


Walkthrough of exercises

Solution to exercises 

07.11.2008Haugen  3B  Testing, Routing, Refactoring  Foils to Testing, Routing, Refactoring

ICU6.di2 - ICU6.uml - Dynamic data, signal hierarchies

ICU7.di2 - ICU7.uml - Refactoring needs, 3rd party APIs

ICU8.di2 - ICU8.uml - Extending the functionality of KML

ICU8-GLOBALADDR.di2 - ICU8-GLOBALADDR.uml - Global routing table

ICU8-MULTICAST.di2 - ICU8-MULTICAST.uml - Multicast rather than routing

u2tp.profile.di2 - u2tp.profile.uml - UML Testing Profile without data concepts 

14.11.2008Stølen  3B  Security Analysis 3  Foils for the third lecture on security analysis


Solution to exercises 

17.11.2008OBLIG 2 DEADLINE   Cyberspace  OBLIG 2 DEADLINE  Projects to be delivered on upload site before 0900 AM 
21.11.2008Haugen / Stølen and assistants  3B  Walkthrough of Oblig 2  Demonstrations of the projects, tests conducted and criticisms delivered. Procedures for Walkthrough

Test example with u2tp. ICU6Tests.di2 - ICU6Tests.uml 

28.11.2008Haugen  3B  Robustification  Foils on robustification 
03.12.2008EXAM INF5150    EXAM INF5150  Old exams both clean (without solution) and with suggested solution can be found in the folder old exams

In 2003 and 2004 the exams were in Norwegian. 

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