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22.01.2008Sisse og Anders  InterMediaLab, the INFRA room, InterMedia  Introduction to the course. Joint lecture with TOOL 5100 (CSCL)   
29.01.2008Anders  InterMediaLab, the INFRA room, InterMedia  Introduction to CSCW and CSCL. Joint lecture with TOOL 5100 (CSCL)  Mandatory: Ellis et al. (1991)

Grudin (1994) 

05.02.2008Sisse  InterMediaLab, the INFRA room, InterMedia  Method - the study of work. Joint lecture with TOOL 5100 (CSCL)  Mandatory: Blomberg et. al. (1993)

Brown et al. (2007)

Additionals: Forsythe (1991)

Bentley et al. (1992) 

12.02.2008Kathrine (og Sisse og Anders)  InterMediaLab, the INFRA room, InterMedia  Cultural Historical Activity Theory. Joint lecture with TOOL 5100  Mandatory: Engeström (2001)

Kaptelinin & Nardi (2006)

Additionals: Kuutti (1991)

Bardram (1998) 

19.02.2008Sisse      There's no lecture - work on your essays 
26.02.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  What is cooperative work? Strauss' theory of articulation work, social worlds  Mandatory: Schmidt & Bannon (1992)

Fitzpactric et al. (1995)

Gasser (1986)

Turn in a first draft of your essay (max. 1 page) pr. person by e-mail to Astrid. 

04.03.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  Actor-Network Theory (ANT)  Mandatory: Berg (1997)

Aarnestad (2003)

Hanseth & Monteiro (1997)

Presentation by: Dibyadhar "The Camera as an Actor", Aarnestad 

11.03.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  Structuration Theory  Mandatory readings: Orlikowski (1992)

DeSanctis et al. (1994)

Additionals: Dreiem (1998)

Giddens (1984)

Presentation by: Kim "The duality of technology", Orlikowski 

18.03.2008Sisse    Easter holidays  There's no lecture 
25.03.2008    From desktop to mobility + Mobility/globalization  Mandatory: Belotti & Bly (1996)

Luff & Heath (1998)

Kristoffersen & Ljungberg (1999)

Grinter & Eldridge (2003)

Additionals: Grinter et al. (2002)

Hindmarsh et al. (2002)

Taylor & Harper (2002)

Presentation by: Simen "Mobility in Collaboration", Luff & Heath

Presentation by: Promila "Walking Away from the Desktop Computer", Belotti & Bly 

01.04.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  Coordination mechanisms and workflow systems in and for CSCW  Mandatory: Bowers et al. (1995)

Carstensen & Sørensen (1996)

Presentation by: Lars "From the Social to the Systematic", Carsten & Sørensen

Midterm evaluation of the course 

08.04.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  CSCW in organizational contexts: organization and management  Mandatory: Ciborra (1996)

Perin (1991)

Herbsleb et al. (2000)

Presentation by: Fernando "Introduction: What does Groupware Mean...", Ciborra.

Midterm: Turn in a second draft of your essay (max. 5 pages pr. person) by e-mail to Astrid. 

15.04.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  CSCW in work contexts  Mandatory: Bowers & Martin (1999)

Clement & Wagner (1995)

Presentation by: Thorbjørn "Fragmented Exchange", Clement & Wagner 

22.04.2008Sisse    There's no lecture...  Work on your essays 
29.04.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  Implementation - CSCW  Mandatory: Bowers (1994)

Orlikowski (1992)

Grudin & Palen (1995)

Presentation by: Imtiaz "Why Groupware Succeeds", Grudin & Palen

Presentation by: Ole "The work to make a network work", Bowers 

06.05.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  Design of CSCW   Mandatory: Grudin (1994b)

Robinson (1993)

Kyng (2000)

Grinter (1997)

Additionals: Cohen et al. (2000)

O'Day et al. (2001)

Presentation by: Tsega "Designing for Cooperation", Kyng

Presentation by: Milagros "Groupware and Social Dynamics", Grudin

Presentation by: Trond "From workplace to development...", Grinter

Presentation by: Inam "Design for unanticipated use...", Robinson 

13.05.2008Sisse  Visningsrummet, InterMedia  Speech Act Theory + Sum up on course  Mandatory: Suchman (1994)

Winograd (1994)

Additionals: Flores (1988)

Star & Bowker (2007)

Presentation by: Espen "Do Categories have Politics?", Suchman

Presentation by: Robert "Categories, Disciplines...", Winograd 

20.05.2008Sisse    There's no lecture.....  Turn in your final essays at 2PM (pdf-file by email to Astrid). The submitted essays are not to exceed 10 pages pr. person, including table of content and biography (excl. appendix) + they should be set in Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing. The essays have to be approved before you can attend the exam. 
27.05.2008Sisse og Anders  InterMediaLab, the INFRA room, InterMedia  Joint lecture with TOOL 5100 (CSCL)  Presentation of your projects (essays) 
03.06.2008      Oral exam. Letter-grade system (A - F)(bokstavkarakter) 
04.06.2008      Oral and written exam. Letter-grade system (A - F)(bokstavkarakter) 
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