This course is replaced by IN5000 – Qualitative Research Methods.


*The articleas and book chapter which are not linked, will be distributed in class as paper copies. A binder with the complete readings from the course is available at the IFI Library.

You should be familiar with the additonal readings listed in the last section on this page.


David Silverman: Interpreting Qualitative Data. Methods for Analysing Talk, Text and Interaction, 2001. Sage. ISBN: 0 7619 6864 4.

Articles and Book Chapters

Myers, M.D., and Avison, D.: An Introduction to Qualitative Reaserch in Information Systems, 2002. Sage. Ch 1 in Myers and Avison (eds) "Qualitative Reaserch in Information Systems".

Walsham, G. : Interpretive Case Study in IS Research, 2002. Sage. Ch 6 in Meyers and Avison (eds) "Qualitative Research in Information Systems".

Harvey, L.J. and Myers, M.D.: Scholarship aand Practice: the Contribution of Ethnographic Resaerch Methods to Bridging the Gap, 2002. Sage. Ch 10 in Meyers and Avison (eds) "Qualitative Research in Information Systems".

Baskerville, R. and Meyers, M.D.: Special Issue on Action Research: Making IS Research Relevant to Practice - Foreword, 2004. MIS Quarterly, Vol. 28, No. 3.

Braa, J., Monteiro, E., Sahay, S.: Networks of Action: Sustainable Health Information Systems Across developing Countries, 2004. MIS Quarterly, Special Issue on Action Research , Vol. 28, No. 3. link to pdf.

Lungo, J.H. and Nhampossa, J.L.: The Impacts of Legacy Information Systems in Reporting Routine Health Delivery Services: Case Studies from Mozambique and Tanzania, 2004. International ICT Workshop, Tanzania. link to pdf.

Bardram, J. and Bossen, C. : Mobility Work: The Spatial Dimension of Collaboration at a Hospital, 2005. CSCW Journal, 14 (131-160). link to journal.

Beyer, H. and Holtzblatt, K.: Contextual Design, 1999. Interactions. link to digital library.

Kluge, A.: Field Trial Research in Human Computer Interaction, working paper, IFI.. link to pdf.

Hove, S.E. and Anta, B.: Experiences from Conducting Semi-Structured Interviews in Empirical Software Engineering Research, link to file.

Additional Resources

Thoresen, K.: Appendix D: Grounded Theory , 1999. PhD Thesis, "Computer Use", University of Oslo, Department of Informatics.

Reccomendation from the Council of Europe concerning the protection of personal data collected and processed for statistical purposes, link.

Personvernombudet for forskning.

Link to Datatilsynet, select "Personvern" then "Forskning og helse" , link.

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