This course is replaced by IN5000 – Qualitative Research Methods.


DatoUndervises avStedTemaKommentarer / ressurser
30.09.2006Margunn Aanestad  3A, IFI  Introduction to course and qualitative research   
06.09.2006Margunn Aanestad  3A, IFI  Positivist/interpretivist/critical research, introduction to ethnography  We will also discuss your first assignments (email them by 5/9) 
13.09.2006Gisle Hannemyr  Room 208 in Forskningsparken  Internet Research   
20.09.2006Margunn Aanestad/Tina B. Jensen  3A, IFI  Interviewing  We will discuss your interview transcripts (email them by 19th) 
27.09.2006Margunn Aanestad  3A, IFI  Conducting field work. Ethnography and other approaches   Discussion of groups' draft proposals (email by 26th) 
04.10.2006Margunn Aanestad  3A, IFI  Grounded Theory , intro to Action Research, 3rd and 4th assignments  We will discuss 3rd and 4th assignments, email them by the 3rd 
11.10.2006Margunn Aanestad  3A, IFI  Action Research  (Student evaluation of course) 
18.10.2006Margunn Aanestad  3A, IFI  Analysis and generalisations in interpretive research   
25.10.2006Margunn Aanestad  3A, IFI  Quality in qualitative research  (Teaching evalutors will be present in class during first hour). Guest lecture by Håkon Ursin Steen: Yin's book on case studies 
01.11.2006    No lecture  (Time to work with group reports/presentations) 
08.11.2006Christina Mørtberg/MA  3A, IFI  Post-structuralist and feminist studies of science and technology (CANCELLED)  Guest lecture first hour (CANCELLED). We start with discussion of writing up research results in general, and group reports in particular. 
15.11.2006Gruppe 1 - 6  3A, IFI  Group presentations  Gruppe 1 (Anne/Kim/Hani/Gro/Terje/Geir)

Gruppe 2 (Anne/Kinga/David)

Gruppe 3 (Christer/Pål/Atle/Øyvind/Miriam)

Gruppe 4 (Gunnar/Ida/Ine/Marie Sophie)

Gruppe 5 (Emese/Anne/Shazia/Geir Ole)

Gruppe 6 (Trenton/Irit) 

22.11.2006Gruppe 7 - 10, MA  3A, IFI  Group presentations, summing up the course  Gruppe 7 (Wai/Eivind)

"Gruppe" 8 (Ole Christian)

Gruppe 9 (Johan/Håkon/Zegaye/Olavi)

Gruppe 10 (Harald/Elin/Lill) 

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