This course is replaced by IN5000 – Qualitative Research Methods.


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29.08.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Introduction to the course and qualitative research  Guest lecture by Knut Hegna, Senior academic librarian “How does an article take form? – approaching a topic, searching for sources” at 14:50. 
05.09.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Intro to ethnography and categories like positivist, interpretive, critical research   
12.09.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Conducting fieldwork. Generating material. Interview, text, audio / video.  Observation 1 to be submitted

Presentation by Promilla, Kamran, Yang, Omar and Muhammed (Group4) "Understanding Practice: video as a medium" 

19.09.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Conducting fieldwork. Generating material. Observing. Analyzing data.  Feedback on observation 1

Interview 1 to be submitted

Presentation by Tsega, Kim, Chipo and Anthony (Group2) "Ethnographic Field Methods" 

26.09.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Encounting the field.  Movie: Kitchen Stories by Bent Hamer.

Questions for the movie to be discussed in groups

Observation 2 to be submitted 

03.10.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Grounded Theory. Methodology / theory. Research Questions.  Feedback on Interview 1

Discussion of movie and the questions

First draft of your research proposals to be submitted 

10.10.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Action Research and Case Studies  Feedback on first draft of your Research Proposals

Interview 2 to be submitted

Presentation by Morten, Lars, Daniel and Jarle (Group1) "Action Research" 

17.10.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Internet research  Guest Lecture by Gisle Hannemyr on legal aspects of field work and internet research.

Feedback on Interview 2 

24.10.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Analysis and generalizations in interpretive research. Case Studies. Conversation Analysis and Discouse Analysis.  Revised research proposal to be submitted

Midterm evaluation of the course

Presentation by Brian and Audun (Group 7) on "interpretism and case studies". 

31.10.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Quality in qualitative research  Feedback on your revised research proposals.

We'll continue the discussion on generalizations from last week.

Presentation by Lars, Renate and Jan (Group 6) on "evaluating case studies".

Presentation by Muhammad (Group 4), Silverman chap. 16

Readings: Silverman 14, 15, 16 + Klein & Myers 

07.11.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  The positioning of the researcher in the field + discussion about representation  Movie: Representation and the Media by Stuart Hall

Presentation by Sara, Elise and Sigurd (Group 5) on the "positioning of the researcher"

Presentation by Joshi and Jeton (Group 3) Silverman chap. 20

Suggestions on how to structure a thesis/research proposal

Readings: Silverman 17, 20, 21, 26 + Knowles 

14.11.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  No lecture  Work on your research proposals. Final proposals are due on Nov. 16th. 
21.11.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Presentations  Presentations of projects by group 1, 5, 2, 3, 7 
28.11.2007Sisse Finken  3A, IFI  Preparing for the exam + presentations  Presentations of projects by group 4, 6

Sum up on course 

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