Feedback- OUT- the Personal Energy Creator (PEC): Wonder document 1

This is a general feedback to all groups

Wednesday September 13th there were 11 wonder documents handed in for the INF 5261 course.  Congratulation!!! You have now started, and the rest is continuation ;)

First, some “general” comments to all projects on the way forward:

  • Try to think of what “phenomena” you are interested in investigating, i.e what real-world-phenomena are you addressing?  By thinking about this, you will get to a description of the more conceptual or theoretical problem space you are working with.  Is it about interacting with mobile terminals in context?  Is it about specific use situations?  Is it about ways of making computer use part of “new” situations.
  • By thinking about this; you will start already early on to address the question:  What will the contribution of the project be?  What “new” knowledge are we going to make?
  • To make review (re-view) of both practical solutions/similar systems and review of literature and concepts is important in all projects.  Please start early with this activity, of fleshing out related work – both practical and theoretical
  • Set a date, where you make a review of your own project – and narrow down what you “actually” will focus on.  Often it is a hard job to decide “what to focus upon”, and one way to focus is to decide about what you will “not” do in your project.
  • Start early on to include references!!
  • Our impression is that writing often becomes easier when you are stating a resarch question, or a few researh questions that you will address and discuss.  What are the specific questions that you want to shed light onto and discuss? Your research questions may still be modified as the project progresses forward.

 And then, specific comments to your own project


Thanks for the wonder document OUT-the Personal Energy Creator (PEC).

Wow, this is a really inspiring and exiting topic!!!  I guess it can be taken

into many different directions.

 Perhaps a theme that you want to look into is “universal design”; since you are

clearly targeting benefitting ALL?

We guess various reviews of previous work is important for your project; i.e to

investigate what other projects and studies have found out?

At Jo’s office; There are some solar panels, some crancing mechanisms, and a bioLITE that you might want to borrow in your project.  If you find some bicycle wheel that produces USB output voltage – say hi;)


Keep up the good work and good luck

Jo and Hani




By Jo and Hani
Published Sep. 20, 2012 10:39 AM - Last modified Sep. 28, 2012 10:05 AM