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This page is dedicated to a semester project at a course called "Development of mobile information systems and services" at IFI, university of Oslo. The project is supposed to become an application on Android that can help students have better access to the course pages at university of Oslo.

HELP! Please help us by taking part in our survey about number of students users of Smart-Phones at departments of informatics. It wouldn't take more than 3 minutes. Click here to go to the poll application.

Latest updates : Final Report & Final Presentation (19th of May 2011)

Early design, courseApp



The final presentation of the courseApp :

The mid-term presentation of the courseApp :


Our plan is to develop an android mobile application which allows the users to browse the available courses on department of informatics at University of Oslo. There is also hope to be able to eventually subscribe to the desired courses through the StudentWeb with our
application, but this will be dependent on the level of cooperation from StudentWeb developers as we might be needing a direct access to the database. We have thought to have following functionalities on our program(numbers show also priority).
  1. My courses
  2. Latest messages on course page
  3. Warning on Email
  4. Integration with Android Calender
  5. Friends taking same course

read more about our project at Our Wonder Document 2

Documents : 
Wonder Document 1
Wonder Document 2
Peer Review, Kurskalender
Final Report

Early design, courseApp


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