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Teaching plan

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
26.01.2011Jo    Introduction  Welcome
  • expectation
  • structure
  • projects


02.02.2011Jo    Establishing projects  Project presentation - and project establishment

Hans Gallis will present Appfast: simplicity delivered

Feathery: Mobile and Contextual Computing, here and now terminal/application/service/hardware and software;) 

  • establish projects and groups
  • about the wonder document (what, when, why, where, how, who...)
  • presentations of projects and papers - dates - planning
  • feathery: soft mobile terminal in network

Kristin Braa will present MobiHealth 

11.02.2011nil    delivery - wonderdocument - vortex  (before 23:59:00) 
  • feedback - the wonder documents
  • planning session - who presents when....projects and articles
  • feathery: mobile terminal (purse)

Sumit Pandey from the National Institute of Design in India will present ongoing research. slides and videos cargocollective 

18.02.2011nil    Feedback - wonder documents   
23.02.2011nil    winter sports holiday   

Swati Srivastava from the Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay will present ongoing research, slides here 

  • project: The online library/Personal Mobile Library
  • paper: posponed
  • feathery: Noteslate

John Olav Olsen from mBrics presents 

  • project: Music impro app
  • paper: Plos, A., Buisine, S: Universal design for mobile phones: a case study , 2006. ACM.

  • project: e-Me
  • paper: from personal mobile library group: Luff P and Heath C: Mobility in Collaboration, 1998. CSCW/ACM.
  • feathery: nil
18.03.2011nil    delivery - mid term report - vortex   
30.03.2011NIL  elsewhere;)     
  • project: Kurskalender
  • paper: Rheingold: Look who's talking, 2001. Wired magazine 7-01.

08.04.2011Alle/Jo    feedback - mid term report   
  • project: MobiHealth
  • paper: The memory stone: a personal ICT device in health care
  • feathery: sense
20.04.2011NIL    Easter   
  • summary
  • about exam
  • about final report
04.05.2011nil  Vortex  Delivery - final report   
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