Emerald-Lite is an Android app that virtualize a terminal so that you can do basic linux commands on your phone. The app is specialized for Emerald.

You can download the .APK file here.

Installation guide:


  1. Install the APK file on your phone, you can either download the "AppInstaller" app and copy the APK file to your phone
  2. Or you connect your phone to your laptop and use: adb install <pathoffile>.apk. (You have to install the Android SDK, follow the guide here.


Usage guide:

  1. When starting the app, choose "Installation" to install all the utilities needed for the app.
  2. Try launching the Terminal and try out emc and emx.
    1. If those two works, then you have a fully working Emerald compiler on your smartphone :)
    2. PS! The app might not work on all smartphones due to different CPU's.


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