Dette emnet er erstattet av IN5510 – Deltakende eksperimentell design.

Semesterside for INF5722 - Høst 2015


NB: Room 1456 Shell

10:15 Group 1

10:35 Group 2

10:55 Break

11:05 Group 16

11:25 Group 4

11:45 End


Exam schedule:

12:30 - 13:10: Group 16

13:20 - 14:10: Group 1

14:30 - 15:10: Group 2

15:20 - 16:00: Group 4


- Guri and Christopher

9. des. 2015 14:42

Please email your final project presentation to and chrinr@ifi.uio.nonot later than Sunday Dec 13 at 22 hrs.

Your presentations should be in either PDF or Powerpoint format; if you want to use other formats (Google Slides, Prezi), you are responsible for making sure your presentation is ready to present immediately, and you should probably come early enough to have time to prepare.

We have a tight schedule on Thursday so you will have find your presentations in a shared folder to keep delays to a minimum.

- Guri and Christopher

2. des. 2015 21:20

The individual reflection that is part of your report is to be attached to the end of your document.

The deadline for the report is also as you all know this friday, the 27th of November. As the project plan, we will acceptt deliveries through devilry, and only one of the members need to post the delivery. In case of problems with the delivery method, contact Guri or Christopher immediately.

25. nov. 2015 10:58

The group feedback session will be held in Postscript, Wednesday 4th November.

At least one person per group will have to attend, but it's better for the discussion that as many as possible attend.


10:00-10:20 Group 1

10:25-10:45 Group 2

11:00-11:20 Group 16

11:25-11:45 Group 4

Welcome! :)

2. nov. 2015 09:20

The feedback takes place in room Postscript.

10.15 Group 1 Helene, Ida, Jørgen, Mari, Ronja

10.35 Group 2 Martin, Lars, Anastasia, Audun

11.00 Group 16 Yaron, Kristoffer, Aria, Tonje

11.20 Group 4 Mari, Olga, Tigran, Tony

- Guri

7. okt. 2015 09:26

There is no lecture on Monday so that you can work with your projects.

If you have questions related to the project work or the project plan, Christopher will drop by Perl at 11:00 to make sure you get assistance.

Guri and Christopher

25. sep. 2015 09:39

We want everybody to be present at this session. If you cannot come, please write us an email and say your prefered project topic and we will try to put you in a group.

Guri and Christoffer

2. sep. 2015 17:10

Preface, kapittel 1 og kapittel 2 fra Thoughtful Interaction Design er scannet og lagt ut i PDF på pensumsidene. Tilgangen krever at du er logget inn (se helt nederst på nettsiden) for å få tilgang til filen. 

Er det noen problemer med å få tilgang til filen, gi tilbakemelding

/Selected chapters from Löwgren+Stolterman are scanned and put up on the curriculum-page. It requires you to be registered to the course and log in. Please let us know if you have issues accessing the document

24. aug. 2015 16:59

The first lecture (Monday Aug 24th) is mandatory.

Hvis du ikke har fått meldt deg til kurset, kan du gjøre det ved etteranmelding hvis du har møtt på første forelesning. / If you have not signed up to the course, you can do so later if you were present at the first lecture.


Hilsen Guri

17. aug. 2015 14:23