Dette emnet er erstattet av IN5510 – Deltakende eksperimentell design.

Article presentation schedule

In the course this semester each group will get to make a presentation of one article from the curriculum. Each group will also have to prepare a set of questions related to another groups article.

These articles will be assigned to a group on a fiest-come first-serve basis this Wednesday the 30th, so if you want a chance to have your favorite article to present, you should be present.

For a list of requirements for both the presenter and the questioners, please refer to this document:


The list of articles is as follows:

  • Brandt (2005) How tangible mock-ups support design interaction (Skipped due to lack of groups)

  • Bjørgvinson , Ehn, Hillgren (2010) Participatory design and democratizing innovation

    • Presenting: Aria, Kristoffer, Tonje, Yaron

    • Questioning: Olga, Tony, Tigran, Mari B

  • Halloran, Hornecker, Stringer, Harris, Fitzpatrick (2009) The value of values: Resopurcing co-design of ubiquitous computing.

    • Presenting: Anastasia, Audun, Lars, Martin

    • Questioning: Ida, Helene, Mari I, Ronja, Jørgen

  • Suchman (2002) Located accountabilities in technology production

    • Presenting: Ida, Helene, Mari I, Ronja, Jørgen

    • Questioning: Aria, Kristoffer, Tonje, Yaron

  • Winchiers-Theophilus et al (2010) Being participated: a community approach

    • Presenting: Olga, Tony, Tigran, Mari B

    • Questioning: Anastasia, Audun, Lars, Martin

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