Dette emnet er erstattet av IN5510 – Deltakende eksperimentell design.

Plan for midterm presentation

All groups in the course should present their projects for the rest of the students and the lecturers.

The aim is to present how far you have come in the project and to get comments/help to continue with the project.

All team members must be present during the presentation as well as contribute in the presentation.

The presentation will be 15 minutes, with time for ≈10 min. questions after the presentation.

In the presentation, it is important to include:
•    Which target group you have chosen
•    How you have involved users (other practitioners than designers) in the project (or how you plan 
•    to involve)
•    Methods and techniques you have used / plan to use
•    If you have any findings/outcomes – present them
•    Problems/questions you are dealing with

The presentations will take place Wednesday 28th of October, between 10:15 and 12:00 in room 2458 Postscript

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