Dette emnet er erstattet av IN5510 – Deltakende eksperimentell design.

Semesterside for INF5722 - Høst 2016

The exam plan is published on the course page.

Each group will have 20 minutes for their project presentation. Please allow some minutes for questions within this timeframe.

Please send your final presentations to me and Kristoffer before 17 o'clock the day before. We will make them available from the classroom PC.

Good luck!

Guri and Kristoffer

5. des. 2016 09:21

There will be gløgg and pepperkaker!

- Guri

30. nov. 2016 10:06

will be the topic of the Lecture on Thursday Nov 3rd. Lecturer is Astrid T. Larsen from Halogen.

- Guri

28. okt. 2016 14:54

Each group has 12 min for their presentation. We expect you to present your project topic and the design process so far, including plans, what have you done, problems encountered, what will you do next. What have you learned? You may end by presenting issues that you work with right now.

Constructive and helpful comments or questions from the class are encouraged!

- Guri

19. okt. 2016 10:25

.. takes place on Thursday next week. Please remember that this presentation is mandatory for all group members.

- Guri

10. okt. 2016 15:56

Group 1 and 5 need to choose a paper to present on September 22 together with a paper where they ask questions. Please write me an email of the papers you choose.

A note on how to do it is published on the course page, under "Paper presentation".

- Guri

9. sep. 2016 17:02

Group 1:

Håkon, Espen,Tobias

Group 2:

Bjørn, Darpan, James

Group 3:

Astrid, Stian, David

Group 4:

Markus, Dennis, Daniel, Jérémie

Group 5:

Thea,Tina, Mariel, Nabel

9. sep. 2016 16:56

It is not possible for new students to register yet. We are working on it so it will be possible for new students to register.

26. aug. 2016 13:53

Please remember that the first lecture is mandatory!


23. aug. 2016 10:58