WELCOME The theme this semester …


The theme this semester is incompleteness. First a little about the organization

Our lectures are in the shell-room in the new informatics building - first floor far away from the entrance. The lectures are Tuesday 1015-1200 and Wednesday 1015-1200. It is supposed to be 13 weeks with 3 hours pr week. We do instead 10 weeks with 4 hours pr week. Each week we go through a chapter in my monograph which you find on this page - we skip the chapter on modality and then take the remainder of the chapters 1 - 11. I will omit some of the tougher sections.

As a preparation for the first time look for Gödels incompleteness and LOGICOMICS on the web.

Each student is supposed to write an essay on a topic found together with me - it could be mathematical, philosophical, computational ... At the end we have an oral exam where you are questioned on the essay and stuff from the lectures. In this way it is possible to have your personal way of looking at the stuff. As background you need a first course in logic.

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