This course is replaced by IN5580 – Computability theory.

Semester page for INF5840 - Spring 2018

The exam takes place in room Postscript (our regular room).

Exam Schedule for June 5th 2018:

  • 12.00: (Candidate 15304) Jackson, Martin Mellum
  • 12.45: (Candidate 15306) Kirupanithy, Nirujah
  • 13.30: (Candidate 15313) Thapa, Ratan Bahadur
  • (break)
  • 14:45: (Candidate 15314) Dæhlen, Ingrid
  • 15:30: (Candidate 15316) Røyknes, Mikael Nielsen
  • 16:15: (Candidate 15304) Scheffer, Lonneke

If you do not find your name on the list above and

  1. is enrolled for the exam
  2. plan to show up for exam

then you should be present outside room Postscript Tuesday the 5th of June 12:00. You will be assigned a time for your exam the 6th of June.

June 1, 2018 6:30 PM

It turns out that 14 candidates are enrolled for the final exam. I strongly suspect that maximum five candidates intend to show up: Those five who have attended the last few lectures (Lonneke S., Mikael R., Martin M. J., Ingerid D., and the student that discussed the S-m-n Theorem with me after the last lecture).

These five candidates will be examined between 12:00 and 17:00 Tuesday the 5th. The exact schedule will be published at this website June 1 (after our final meeting). I assume that all five of you will show up at the final  meeting (those of you  who will not, should send me an e-mail).

If anyone else of the 14 enrolled students intend to meet for the final exam, they should meet outside room Postscript 12:00 June 5 (and get the exact time for their examination).

May 29, 2018 3:01 PM