Semester page for INF5850 - Autumn 2016

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Deadline is Monday December 12

Nov. 28, 2016 3:23 AM

Dear all,

Thank you for following the course. We are preparing the exam, so here is some information about the format.

It will be a home exam, which you will get 2 weeks to complete. It will be out late November, probably Monday 28, with submission Monday December 12. The format will be 3 questions/topics, of whom you select only 2 to answer. While the questions will be related more to specific topics and lectures, we also expect you to draw on literature from the other lectures where relevant, and to illustrate with concrete examples from the different cases discussed. We will not expect you to draw on literature beyond what has been covered in the course. Each question should be answered in 2-3 pages (standard .doc format, approx. 500 words per page), with the total exam not exceeding 6 pages/3000 words. Proper use of references is expected, the reference list will not count towards the page/word limit.

The grading will be pass/fail.

Oct. 27, 2016 1:21 PM

A preliminary course outline is here:

Course outline

Oct. 3, 2016 10:28 AM