Semesterside for INF5860 - Vår 2017

Here is the promised solutions to the sample exam PDF.

With the correct solution to 1 f)  and 2 b), but not all solutions PDF

On friday 02.06.2017 in seminar room Caml 10:15 (usual room for friday lectures), we will give a rough overview of the solutions and be available for questions regarding the exam and sample exam.

1. juni 2017 20:08

Here we post some sample exam questions sample exam (PDF fixed)

This is supposed to give some examples of the types of questions you can get on the exam. We have tried to cover a good share of the curriculum, but we have of course not covered everything.

OBS! This sample is larger and more comprehensive the actual exam.

26. mai 2017 10:12

Now Mandatory exercise 2 is available at

Deadline: may 16, 2017

2. mai 2017 18:01