Semesterside for INF-MAT3360 - Vår 2009

Corrected obligatory exercise set 2 will be handed out in the group lessons tomorrow.

NOTE: Both group lessons are in B1036, Nils Henrik Abels hus.

28. mai 2009 19:26

Group Lesson on Friday 29th: As many students have requested, we will have two different sessions of the special group lesson on tuesday.

The first session is in the morning (1015-1200) at B1036, Nils Henrik Abels Hus.

The second session is in the afternoon (1415-1600) at B1036, Nils Henrik Abels Hus.

You can attend either the morning or the afternoon session.

22. mai 2009 13:15


Heat equation: Solution by Fourier method, energy estimates and Maximum principles, Chapters 3.1 to 3.7, 6.2

Numerical methods for the Heat equation: Explicit and implicit finite difference schemes. Stability by Von-Neumann analysis and discrete maximum principles, Chapter 4.1,4.3,4,4,6.2.

Wave equation: Solution by Fourier Method, Energy estimates, Finite difference schemes, Numerical stability by Von-Neumann Analysis. Chapter 5.

SPECIAL Group lesson on 29th May, Friday: Review of the syllabus, solutions of previous years' question papers.

18. mai 2009 13:55