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Compulsory assignment Deadline: October 9th, 12 AM (noon), 2007

Exam Deadline 14th December. Two examples of good reports from 2006:

Using information systems in marketing research

Information system development in organisations

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DatoUndervises avStedTemaKommentarer / ressurser
04.09.2007Pål Sørgaard and Jens Kaasbøll  Large (Store) Auditorium, Informatics Building  Introduction to organisation theory  Slides - Introduction to organisation theory Textbook Bolman and Deal

Slides for the group task  

11.09.2007Pål Sørgaard    Organisational structure  Slides - The structural frame, part I Textbook Bolman and Deal  
18.09.2007Pål Sørgaard    Organisational structure  Slides - The structural frame, part II Textbook Bolman and Deal  
25.09.2007Pål Sørgaard    Human Resources  Slides - The human resource frame Textbook Bolman and Deal  
02.10.2007Jens Kaasbøll and Pål Sørgaard    Supervision of group assignment + Lecture on Does IT matter?  Boddy et al. "Managing Information Systems": Ch 1 and 2. Carr "IT Doesn't Matter" Brown and Hagel "Does IT matter?" Slides: Does IT matter? 
09.10.2007Jens Kaasbøll    Final assignment. Cultural and political aspects of IS: The issue of participation   Boddy et Al. "Managing Information Systems": Ch 6 and 7

Gro Bjerknes and Tone Bratteteig (1995)User Participation and Democracy: A Discussion of Scandinavian Research on System Development Scand J Inf Syst 7(1) 73-98

Slides: Participation

Involvement You can skip slides 3-8 in this one.  

16.10.2007Jens Kaasbøll    IS, people and work practices 1  Boddy et Al. "Managing Information Systems": Ch 8

Gasser (1986) The Integration of Computing and Routine Work ACM Trans Office Inf Syst 4(3)205-225

Slides: Use  

23.10.2007Jens Kaasbøll    Human resource development  Jens Kaasbøll (2002) Alternative to parrot training

Jens Kaasbøll (2002) Superusers: how to improve user support and information flow?

Slides: Human resource development 

30.10.2007Pål Sørgaard    Feedback on first compulsory assignment  Slides: Feedback on first assignment  
06.11.2007Jens Kaasbøll    IS and change  Boddy et Al. "Managing Information Systems": Ch 9

Slides: Managing Information Systems

Lyytinen, K. and Robey, D. (1999)Learning failure in information systems development Info Systems J 9(2) 85-101

If the direct link doesn't work, try UBO's link services and type 1999 9 2 85 in the upper row, press SwetsWise, then Full text

Slides: Learning failure 

13.11.2007Jens Kaasbøll    Analysis of change  Analysing cases. How to relate empirical findings to the literature

Slides: Cases  

27.11.2007Knut Rolland    IS and Strategy   Boddy et Al. "Managing Information Systems": Ch 3 and Ch 4

Ciborra, C. (1997)De Profundis? Deconstructing the concept of strategic alignment Scand J Inf Syst 9(1)  

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