This course is discontinued


Published Dec. 1, 2009 2:04 PM

Send me a message on when you want to do a rehersal. On Monday 7th, the time will be 12:15-14.

Published Oct. 3, 2009 10:42 AM

Jørgen's presentation moved to 26th October.

Published Sep. 15, 2009 12:34 PM

For your presentations next week, please send me a message of when you prefer. I'll enter your name in the Detailed teaching plan.

Published Sep. 2, 2009 2:54 PM

We will discuss ideas for Task 1 and 2 on Friday 2nd Sept. Also, we will do a start organising groups for Task 2.

Published Aug. 28, 2009 12:24 AM

Due to collisions with other courses, the teaching on Thursdays will be moved to 12:15 - 14 and take place in the Multimedialab 4 379

Published Aug. 12, 2009 3:23 PM

For time schedule, see Detailed teaching plan. Please disregard the informaiton under "Time and Place."

Published June 2, 2009 5:40 AM

All teaching will take place in the Forskningsparken.

Until 25th September: 3 times a week.

25th September - 25th October: No teaching

26th October - 27th Novermber: 1-2 times a week