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24.08.2009Jens Kaasbøll  14:15 - 16. Multimedielaben, 4 379, Forskningsparken  Introduction, competence  IT user competence

Slides Introduction Subject matter areas 

27.08.2009Jens Kaasbøll  10:15 - 12. Multimediaroom 4 412, Forskningsparken  Learning and competence for learning IT  Bransford, Brown and Cocking (eds.) (2000) How People Learn. Brain, Mind, Experience and School (Expanded Edition) National Academy Press, Washington D.C., 2000

Chapter 1. Learning: From Speculation to Science, pp.3-27

Chapter 3. Learning and Transfer, pp.51-78

Slides Competence for learning 

28.08.2009Jens Kaasbøll  10:15 - 12. Multimedielaben, 4 379, Forskningsparken  Principles of IT  Understanding IT Concepts

Slides Understanding IT Concepts

Spread sheet file for formatting

Document file for formatting

Data for interference test 

31.08.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Learning concepts. Data structures  Data structures 
03.09.2009Jens Kaasbøll  12:15 - 14. Multimedielaben 4 379  Visualising the hidden  Visualising the hidden

Slides Data structures 2

Visualising the hidden 

04.09.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben 4 379  Visualising the hidden  Ideas for Task 1 and 2. Possible organisation of groups.

Slide design 

07.09.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Multi user applications  Muliti user applications

Slides Multi user applications 

10.09.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben   Multi user applications   
11.09.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Metacognitive skills  Phelps at al (2005) The role of metacognitive and reflective learning processes in developing capable computer users Meeting at the crossroads: proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of ASCILITE, 9-12 December 2001

Schoenfeld (1992) Learning to Think Mathematically: Problem Solving, Metacognition, and Sense Making in Mathematics

Slides Metacognitive skills

Lab on metacognitive skills

Update on Task 1 and 2. 

14.09.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Instruction  Blanchard & Thacker (2007) Gagné-Briggs theory

Kaasbøll (2002) Alternative to parrot training

Slides Instruction 

17.09.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben   Evaluation of training  Mahapatra and Lai (2005) Evaluating End User Training Programs

Slides Evaluation of user training 

18.09.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Supervision and support  Wenger (2008) Communities of practice - a brief introduction

Munkvold (2003) End user support usage.

Kaasbøll (2002) Superusers: how to improve user support and information flow?

Boudreau and Robey (2005) Enacting Integrated Information Technology: A Human Agency Perspective Jan/Feb 2005, 16(1) 3-18

Velsen and Steehouder (2007) Evaluation of User Support: Factors That Affect User Satisfaction With Helpdesks and Helplines

Slides on supervision and support 

21.09.2009Students  Multimedielaben  Presentation of Task 1  Javier


24.09.2009Students  Multimedielaben   Presentation of Task 1  Pia: Example


Naveed: Presentation 

25.09.2009Students  Multimedielaben  Presentation of Task 1  Ingeborg



26.10.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Jørgen presenting task 1. User support continued  Jørgen: Presentation

IT support

Slides: User support 

30.10.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Guidance on Task 2   
02.11.2009Jens Kaasbøll    Software learnability  Slides: Software learnability 
05.11.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  IT literacy  Mitra et al (2005) Acquisition of computing literacy on shared public computers: children and the “hole in the wall.”

Auxiliary literature:

Being fluent with IT

Digital Literacy

Slides: IT literacy 

06.11.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Literacy tests  European Computer Driving Licence / Datakortet. Tests in English

Educational Testing Service iskills


Tester på norsk → Testing → Demotest

Rigby (2004) Protecting the patient by promoting end-user competence in health informatics systems—moves towards a generic health computer user “driving license”

Slides on literacy tests 

09.11.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Guidance on Task 2   
12.11.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Cancelled  Videos:


Word Learning Zone


Slides: Tutorials 

13.11.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielabben  Construction of tutorials  Clark (2007) Leveraging Multimedia for Learning 
16.11.2009Jens Kaasbøll  Multimedielaben  Guidance on Task 2   
23.11.2009Students  Multimedielaben  Cancelled   
27.11.2009Students  Multimedielaben  Rehersal of Task 1  Naveed


30.11.2009Students  Multimedielaben  Rehersal Task 1  Javier



03.12.2009Students  Multimedielaben  Rehersal Task 1  Xavier instructions Example 
04.12.2009Students  Multimedielaben  Rehersal Task 1, repetition   
07.12.2009Students  KL 12:15, Multimedielaben  Rehearsal task 1, repetition  Raoul



10.12.2009    Oral exam  Task 1: Presentation and teaching + discussion. Task 2: Discussion.

Zufan: Presentation Exercise Instruction 

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