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Teaching plan

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
26.08.2008Stephan Oepen (oe) & Jan Tore Lønning (jtl)  Informatikkbygningen, 3B  Motivation and Course Overview  Seibel (2005), Chapter 1

Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 1

Common Lisp (Wikipedia) (background)

Natural Language Processing (Wikipedia) (background)

Machine Learning (Wikipedia) (background)

Artificial Intelligence (Wikipedia) (background) 

02.09.2008oe  3B  Common Lisp Essentials  Seibel (2005), Chapter 2

Seibel (2005), Chapter 3

Slide Copies  

08.09.2008oe  Vilhelm Bjerknes hus, C210  Using Common Lisp  First Problem Set

Seibel (2005), Chapter 4

Seibel (2005), Chapter 5

Seibel (2005), Chapter 6 (optional)

Allegro Common Lisp (background)

Allegro Emacs–Lisp Interface (background)

The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs (background)

Steele (1990) (background) 

09.09.2008oe  3B  Search and Finite-State Automata  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 2

Slide Copies 

15.09.2008larsbun & oe  C210  Basic Lisp: Recursion and Iteration  Seibel (2005), Chapter 7

Seibel (2005), Chapter 10 (optional)

Seibel (2005), Chapter 11

Seibel (2005), Chapter 12 (optional) 

16.09.2008oe  3B  Regular Algebra and FSA Minimization  Slide Copies 
19.09.2008      First Problem Set Due 
22.09.2008larsbun & oe  C210  Implementing and Manipulating FSAs  First Model Solution

Second Problem Set 

23.09.2008oe  3B  Recap: Probabilities and Language Modelling  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 4 (Up to and Including Section 4.5.1) 
29.09.2008larsbun  C210  Implementing and Manipulating FSAs   
30.09.2008jtl  3B  Hidden Markov Models  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 5 (Up to and Including Section 5.5)

Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 6 (Up to and Including Section 6.4)

Slide Copies  

06.10.2008larsbun & oe  C210  Implementing and Manipulating FSAs   
07.10.2008oe  3B  Hidden Markov Models  Second Problem Set Due

Seibel (2005), Chapter 23 

13.10.2008larsbun & oe  C210  Implementing HMMs  Second Model Solution

Third Problem Set

Seibel (2005), Chapter 5

Seibel (2005), Chapter 6

Seibel (2005), Chapter 11

Seibel (2005), Chapter 22 (optional) 

14.10.2008oe  3B  HMM Decoding and Training, Dynamic Programming  Slide Copies 
20.10.2008larsbun  C210  Implementing HMMs   
21.10.2008oe  3B  CFGs, Chart Parsing, Dynamic Programming  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 12 (Up to and Including Section 12.4)

Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 13 (Up to and Including Section 13.4)

Slide Copies 

27.10.2008larsbun & oe  C210  Finalizing the HMM Implementation   
28.10.2008    Lecture Moved to Friday, October 31  Third Problem Set Due


31.10.2008oe  Seminarrom 232, Helga Engs hus  Generalized Chart Parsing  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 14 (Up to and Including Section 14.6)

Slide Copies 

03.11.2008larsbun & oe  C210  Model Solution for HMM Tagging  Third Model Solution

Fourth Problem Set 

04.11.2008oe  3B  PCFGs  Slide Copies  
10.11.2008larsbun & oe   C210  Unpacking from the Parse Chart   
11.11.2008oe  3B  Feature Structures and Unification  Slide Copies

Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 15

Wroblewski (1987) (Up to and Including Section 3) 

17.11.2008larsbun & oe   C210  Feature Structure Manipulation   
18.11.2008oe  3B  Unification-Based Chart Parsing  Slide Copies

LinGO ERG On-Line  

20.11.2008      Fourth Problem Set Due  
24.11.2008larsbun & oe   C210  Fourth Model Solution   
25.11.2008    Lecture Moved Friday, November 28   
28.11.2008oe  Vilhelm Bjerknes hus, R109  exam preparation  sample exam 
05.12.2008    final exam   
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