Semesterside for INF4820 - Høst 2011

Johan worked through parts of the night, and we just registered the results on our second obligatory assignment. Seven students submitted for problem set (2b), and all seven are qualified for the exam. We are not unhappy with the final retainment rate this year: 11 students had submitted something for our first problem set, (1a), and the same group of seven who now qualified for the exam had remained active after completion of the first obligatory assignment. I expect the faculty administration will publish the exam location in the course of today. Jonathon will be coming around half an hour into th exam on Monday, to answer clarification questions. Good luck!

2. des. 2011 08:11

Some of you (rightly) are beginning to wonder about the location of our final exam (this coming Monday, December 5, 14:30 to 18:30). Given the late submission deadline for our final problem set, exam registration will only be finalized tomorrow afternoon (Friday, December 2). Once you are qualified for the exam, you should be able to find information about the exam location in StudentWeb, hopefully still before the weekend, but the latest on Monday morning. Good luck with wrapping everything up!

1. des. 2011 13:07

Our last and final Problem Set (2b) is now available; the starting package for this assignment (which will be automagically dropped into your IFI home directory) also serves as our model solution for the previous problem set. We strongly encourage everyone to look this over and start work on the assignment in the next few days and in any case in advance of our laboratory session, this coming Thursday.

20. nov. 2011 00:39