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26.08.2011Stephan Oepen (oe) & Jonathon Read (jread)  Ole-Johan Dahls Hus, Room Python  Motivation and Course Overview  Slide Copies

Seibel (2005), Chapter 1

Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 1

Artificial Intelligence (Wikipedia) (background)

Common Lisp (Wikipedia) (background)

Natural Language Processing (Wikipedia) (background)

Machine Learning (Wikipedia) (background)

Beating the Average (background) 

01.09.2011Johan Benum Evensberget (johanbev), oe, jread   Ole-Johan Dahls Hus, Room Chill   Flexing our Common Lisp Muscles   Assignment (1a)

Cheat Sheet

Emacs Reference Card 

08.09.2011oe, jread  Ole-Johan Dahls Hus, Room Chill  Exercise (1a)   
09.09.2011oe  Python  Common Lisp Essentials  Slide Copies

Seibel (2005), Chapter 2

Seibel (2005), Chapter 3

Peter Norvig: Lisp vs. Python (background) 

15.09.2011johanbev, oe, jread  Chill  Using Common Lisp  Seibel (2005), Chapter 4

Seibel (2005), Chapter 5

Seibel (2005), Chapter 6 (optional)

Allegro Common Lisp (background)

Allegro Emacs–Lisp Interface (background)

Steele (1990) (background) 

16.09.2011oe  Python  Search and Finite-State Automata  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 2

Slide Copies 

22.09.2011johanbev, oe, jread  Chill  Implementing NFSAs  Assignment (1b)  
23.09.2011oe  Python  More on FSAs and Common Lisp: Variables, Bindings, and Scope  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 2

Seibel (2005), Chapter 6

Seibel (2005), Chapter 7

Seibel (2005), Chapter 8 (optional)

Seibel (2005), Chapter 11

Seibel (2005), Chapter 12 (optional) 

30.09.2011jread  Python  Basic Probability Theory; N-Gram Models  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 4 (up to and including 4.5.1)

Slide Copies


06.10.2011johanbev, jread, oe  Chill  Model Solution   
07.10.2011jread  Python  Sequence Classification; HMMs  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 5 (Up to and Including Section 5.5)

Slide Copies


13.10.2011johanbev  Chill  Implementing HMMs  Assignment (1c) 
14.10.2011jread  Python  HMMs and Dynamic Programming  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 6 (Up to and Including Section 6.4)

Slide Copies


20.10.2011johanbev  Chill  Implementing HMMs   
21.10.2011      No Lecture 
27.10.2011johanbev, jread, oe  Chill  Model Solution   
28.10.2011Erik Velldal  Python  Fine Points of Common Lisp  Seibel (2005), Chapter 7

Seibel (2005), Chapter 8

Slide Copies 

03.11.2011johanbev, jread, oe  Chill  Performance Tuning  The ACL Profiler 
04.11.2011oe  Python  Basics of Chart Parsing  Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 12 (Up to and Including Section 12.4)

Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 13 (Up to and Including Section 13.4)

Slide Copies 

10.11.2011johanbev  Chill  Manipulating CFGs  Assignment (2a) 
11.11.2011oe  Python  Statistical Parsing  Slide Copies

Jurafsky & Martin (2008), Chapter 14 (Up to and Including Section 14.6) 

17.11.2011johanbev  Chill  Completing Assignment (2a)   
18.11.2011oe  Python  PTB Parsing  Marcus et al. (1993) (Background) 
24.11.2011johanbev  Chill  Large-Scale PCFG Parsing  Assignment (2b) 
25.11.2011oe  Python  Exam Preparations   
01.12.2011johanbev, jread, oe  Chill  Last-Minute Counselling   
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