Obligatory Exercises

Active engagement throughout the semester is important in this class, both regarding the theoretical and practical skills taught in the lectures and laboratory session.  In order to qualify for the final exam, one has to complete successfully three obligatory exercises.  Because exercises build on each other, we need to enforce a rigid schedule and will be unable to allow late delivery or re-submissions of solutions.  Instead, the last two obligatory exercises will be broken up into two parts (or problem sets)—(2a) and (2b), (3a) and (3b)—and it will be possible to make up for poor performance on first parts through the second parts.  For the second obligatory exercise, we offer a bonus problem set (2c), worth no less than two extra points.

Thus, there will be a total of six deliveries, viz. problem sets (1), (2a), (2b), (2c), (3a), and (3b).  Each problem set will be awarded points, with a maximum of ten points per problem set.  To pass an obligatory exercise, a minimum of sixty percent of the available points (across all of its parts) will be required, i.e. at least six (of ten possible) points for Exercise (1), and at least twelve (of twenty possible) points Exercises (2) and (3), i.e. the pairs of problem sets (2a) and (2b), and (3a) and (3b).

Exercise (1) Foundations of Lisp Wednesday, September 10
Problem Set (2a) Vector Space Models Wednesday, September 24
Problem Set (2b) Classification Wednesday, October 15
Problem Set (2c) Evaluation Wednesday, October 14
Problem Set (3a) Hidden Markov Models Wednesday, October 29
Problem Set (3b) PTB Parsing Wednesday, November 19

All three obligatory exercises must be passed in order to qualify for the exam. Please also note that there is no room for extensions to any of the given due dates: Individual extensions will only be given in case of illness and re-submissions will not be possible.

For information on the standard faculty-wide rules regarding obligatory exercises, please see this page.


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