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Exam Qualification and Preparation

We are finalizing the list of students qualified for the exam. To get this communicated to the faculty administration, we actually had to record preliminary feedback in Devilry; for reasons of time, we just published the minimum number of points you will receive, which will determine whether or not you will be registered for the exam.  More complete feedback (and possibly a higher number of total points) will be published as quickly as possible.

To reward everyone who has worked with us through out the semester, we include the bonus points for those who filled the mid-term evaluation form against the total sum for the third obligatory exercise, and we lower the passing threshold to a minimum of ten points. 

All the students who submitted for problem set (3b) have qualified for the exam - congratulations! 

Tomorrow, in our last lecture, we will use about half of the lecture to prepare for the exam, using the actual exam from 2016 as our sample.  Please work through it and bring specific questions to the lecture.

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