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Obligatory Exercises

In order to qualify for the final exam, you have to complete and pass three obligatory exercises.  Moreover, the last two of these will each be given in two parts, a + b, meaning that you will be given five problem sets in total.  You can obtain up to 10 points for each problem set, and you need to score a minimum of 60% for each obligatory exercise in order to pass.  In other words, this means that:

for exercise (1) you need 6 of 10 possible points;
for exercise (2) you need 12 of 20 possible points (across 2a and 2b); and 
for exercise (3) you need 12 of 20 possible points (across 3a and 3b).

All three obligatory exercises must be passed in order to qualify for the exam.  Please also note that there is no room for extensions to any of the given due dates: Individual extensions will only be given in case of illness and re-submissions will not be possible.  However, having exercises (2) and (3) split into two parts means that it will be possible to make up for poor performance on part a by putting more effort into part b.

For information on the standard faculty-wide rules regarding obligatory exercises, please see this page.

No. Exercise Out Due Solution
(1) Lisp Basics 30 August 14 September Solution
(2a) Vector Space Models 15 September 1 October Solution
(2b) Classification 2 October 17 October Solution
(3a) Hidden Markov Models 18 October 2 November Solution
(3b) Syntactic Parsing 3 November 17 November Code. Theory
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