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Syllabus and Achievement Requirements

Obligatory Reading (Selected Parts; See the Course Schedule)

  • Jurafsky, D., & J. H. Martin: Speech and Language Processing, 2008. Pearson Education (Prentice Hall). ISBN: 978-0-13-187321-6. (Second Edition). On-Line Information.
  • Seibel, P.: Practical Common Lisp, 2005. Apress. ISBN: 1-59059-239-5. On-Line Copy.
  • Manning, C. D., P. Raghavan, & H. Schütze: Introduction to Information Retrieval, 2008. Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 0521865719. On-Line Copy.

Note: We will only use selected parts of these books, and the books by both Manning et al. and Seibel are freely available online. The book by Jurafsky & Martin (as well as the one by Seibel) should be available at Akademika (the campus book shop).

Additional Materials

All slide copies and model solutions are relevant for the exam.  Note, however, that we do not primarily put emphasis on specifics of Common Lisp syntax.  It is the general concepts, formal devices, algorithms, data structures, and techniques that will be our focus for the final exam.

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