DatoUndervises avStedTemaKommentarer / ressurser
29.08.2005Pål  3A  Intro and Architectures  slides: ppt , pdf (6x
05.09.2005Carsten  3A  Media and User Behaviour  slides: ppt , pdf (6x )

assignments: ppt , pdf . Check here whether a topic is taken. 

12.09.2005Pål  3A  Server Resource Scheduling  slides: ppt , pdf (6x
19.09.2005Carsten  3A  Protocols without QoS Support  slides: ppt , pdf (6x
26.09.2005Carsten  3A  Protocols with QoS Support  slides: ppt , pdf (6x
03.10.2005Pål  3A  Storage Systems  slides: ppt , pdf (6x )

Delivery of project plan 

10.10.2005Pål  3A  Storage Systems (cont'd)  Last year's slides: ppt , pdf 
17.10.2005Carsten  3A  Distribution  slides: ppt , pdf (6x
24.10.2005Carsten  3A  Distribution (cont'd)  slides: ppt , pdf (6x
31.10.2005Carsten  3A  Peer-to-peer systems  slides: ppt , pdf (6x
07.11.2005Torgeir Hovden, Rolf Michelsen (FAST)  3A  High Performance Distributed Systems: Theory & Practice   
15.11.2005Anna Brunstrøm (Karlstad University)  3B - kl 15:00  Reliable communication in SCTP  Note: this is Tuesday at kl 15:00, not the regular time! 
21.11.2005Carsten/Pål  3A  P2P cntd. and discussion: Theory vs. Brute Force  Last year's discussion slides: pdf 
28.11.2005  3A  Studentpresentasjoner  Delivery of project report and slides 
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