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Semesterside for INF5160 - Vår 2009

The formula of the PMA seminar is that of a "working seminar" with a "free spirit". The topic is the rather broad Formal Methods in Computer Science.

  • The focus is on/for PhD students (others are also welcomed to come). NO registration required (only for getting the 5 credits you need to register).
  • The working formula of the seminar gives priority to (in this order): research problems (with hope of finding solutions/ideas in the seminar), presentations of current/finished work of students, practice presentations (before conferences), presentation of interesting papers (not necessarily entirely understood), movie projections, invited outside speakers.
  • The free spirit encourages conversations, does not put pressure on the speakers, and hopes for brainstorming and new collaborations.

20. jan. 2009 15:03

For today, please just send me your names and e-mail addresses (and maybe if you have a topic in mind). I will add you to the mailing list, so you get the latest information about each week's plan.

20. jan. 2009 14:50

Confusion with the tid-og-sted information which is wrong (please excuse this error). The time and date is good, but the place is wrong. The seminar has for one year now been held in Forskningsparken building (where the PMA group has their offices). The room is 41151 at the fourth floor of Forskningsparken. Most probably you find me in my office 31157 if you come earlier (right near the elevator and the coffee bar, or cantina).

20. jan. 2009 14:44