Semesterside for INF5390 - Vår 2012

Slides for the lectures to be held on 15.5: INF5390-14 Agents That Communicate and INF5390-15 Foundations and Prospects have been uploaded to Forelesninger, as well as the final version of the Pensum. As requested, the 2011 exam has also been uploaded (under Øvinger).

13. mai 2012 23:01

Some have asked for clarification of certain points in Exercise 2, and an updated version has been uploaded to the web site (Øvinger). Please also note that the solution to Exercise 1 discussed at the lecture on March 31 has been uploaded.

6. mai 2012 00:19

Since the final lecture has been postponed to May 15, the deadline for turning in the response to Exercise 2 has also been extended, to Monday May 14. The exercise will be discussed at the lecture on May 15.

27. apr. 2012 16:52