Semesterside for INF5390 - Vår 2014

Errors in the Solution to Exercise 2 have been pointed out (subtasks 2.1e and 2.2). A corrected version of the Solution has been uploaded to the course site.

12. mai 2014 22:24

Reminder: A solution for Exercise 2 was discussed in class and subsequently uploaded to the course site. Students who in addition need individual feedback are kindly requested to send an e-mail to the lecturer.

2. mai 2014 15:46

The following slide sets have been uploaded to Forelesninger:

  • INF5390-14 Natural Language Communication
  • INF5390-15 Foundations and Prospects

Since chapters 26 and 27 are missing from textbook edition most students are using, the chapters have been uploaded to Pensum:

  • AIMA Ch. 26 Philosophical Foundations
  • AIMA Ch. 27 AI - The Present and Future

The lecture will start with a brief discussion of the format and recommended preparations for the exam in June.



1. mai 2014 21:08