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Introduction into neuromorphic electronic circuits. These are circuits inspired by the nervous system that either help verifying neuro-physiological models, or that are useful components in artificial perception/action systems. Research also aims at using them in implants. These circuits are computational devices and intelligent sensors that are very differently organized than digital processors. Their storage and processing capacity is distributed. They are asynchronous and use no clock signal. They are often purely analog and operate time continuous. They are adaptive or can even learn on a basic level instead of being programmed. A short introduction into the area of brain research is also included in the course.

Learning outcome

The students will learn to exploit mechanisms employed by the nervous system for compact energy efficient analog integrated circuits. They will get insight into a multidisciplinary research area. The students will learn to analyze analog CMOS circuits and acquire basic knowledge in brain research methods.


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6 credits INF-NEUR


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