Semester page for INF5780 - Autumn 2009

The following message has also previously been sent each student registered for the course: We will have 8 presentations on Nov. 26 each taking 20 min including questions. The format will be like a conference with 4 contributions before a 20 min break followed by the last 4. Starting as usual at 0915, this means we will end at 1215.

Practical matters: The presentations will be given in the order they appear in the Wiki. Remenber that as a rule of thumb, one slide typically takes about 2 min to cover. Leaving 5 min for questions and comments, this means no more than 8-10 slides. No grades will be announced before the final oral exam on Dec. 8.

Nov. 25, 2009 4:54 PM

We are not too far from the end this semester. We have two possible dates for the oral exam - Dec. 8 or 11. Each of you will then have 30 min. According to ifi adm, there should be no collisions with other exams those days. However, if anyone in spite of this has two orals the same day, wewill schedule you accordingly. We take a vote between these dates in the class on Thursday Nov. 12th.

Then remember you must hand in your projects on the Wiki by Nov. 19 and present them on the 26th!

Nov. 10, 2009 3:50 PM

We just got word of symptoms of influenza in the family of tomorrow's presenter. Therefore there will be changes in the lecture tomorrow, November, 5th. We are still working on a replacement programme. Please note that the lecture will take place as announced.

Nov. 4, 2009 9:11 PM