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Teaching plan

This plan is preliminary, and details will be changed or added during the course.

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
26.08.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Course introduction  Introduction to the theme, teaching method, students and the teacher in the seminar. Slides  
02.09.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Use of web on mobile devices  We will discuss the following paper: Cui, Y. and Roto, V., 2008. How People Use the Web on Mobile Devices WWW 2008, Alternate Track: Industrial Practice and Experiences, Beijing, April 21-25, 2008. Slides 
09.09.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Architecture and Policy  Marjory S. Blumenthal and David D. Clark. Rethinking the design of the Internet: the end-to-end arguments vs. the brave new world. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT), 1(1):70-109, Aug 2001. In ACM Digital Library Slides 
16.09.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Mobile Data Service Usage Measurements from Finland  See presentation by Antero Kivi from the Coin project at Helsinki University of Technology 
23.09.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  The Generative Internet  For this session we will read Jonathan L. Zittrain, The Generative Internet. Harvard Law Review, 119(7):1974-2040, May 2006. This is a long text, so start early! Pål's slides Anders's slides 
30.09.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Use Contexts in the Mobile Internet and ideas for essays  Kim, H., Kim, J., and Lee, Y., 2005. An Empirical Study of Use Contexts in the Mobile Internet, Focusing on the Usability of Information Architecture. Information Systems Frontiers, 7(2) (May, 2005), 175-186. SpringerLink Heidi's slides Essay ideas  
07.10.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Mobile search  Church, K., Smyth, B., Cotter, P., and Bradley, K. 2007. Mobile information access: A study of emerging search behavior on the mobile Internet. ACM Trans. Web 1, 1 (May. 2007), 4. In ACM Digital Library Edwin's slides  
14.10.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Mobile Internet in Japan  Start of essay projects

Suri, V.R. and Sawhney H. 2008: The internet and its wireless extensions in Japan: the portentous interface between chaos and order. info, 10(3):10-21 Link to the journal Ågot's slides  

21.10.2008  No lecture October 21 
28.10.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Mobile Internet in Japan  Jeffrey L. Funk 2007. Solving the startup problem in Western mobile Internet markets. Telecommunications Policy, 31(1):14-30. Link to the journal Zeferino's slides 
04.11.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  The Mobile Internet industry  First advisory period on essays this week

de Montalvo U.W., van de Kar, E., Maitland, C., 2008 Resource-based interdependencies in value networks for mobile internet services. ICEC '04: Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Electronic commerce In ACM Digital Library 

11.11.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  The Mobile Internet industry  Tilson D. and Lyytinen K. 2006. The 3G transition: Changes in the US wireless industry Telecommunications Policy, 30(10-11):569-586. Link to the journal Jan Vidar's slides 
18.11.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  The Mobile Internet industry, IMS, and end-to-end  Braet, O. and Ballon P. 2007. Strategic design issues of IMS versus end-to-end architectures. info, 9(5):44-56 Link to the journal 
25.11.2008  3B  No lecture  Second advisory period on essays this week. 
02.12.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Control and value  Pieter Ballon 2007. Business modelling revisited: the configuration of control and value. info 9(5):6-19. Link to the journal Slides 
09.12.2008Pål Sørgaard  3B  Service adoption  Last lecture. Suggested deadline for essays

Hannu Verkasalo 2008. Dynamics of Mobile service Adoption. International Journal of E-Business Research, 4(3):40-63. Slides 

16.12.2008Pål Sørgaard    No lecture, absolutely final deadline for essays 
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