Semesterside for KJM3000 - Høst 2016

My son got sick last night and I have to stay at home today.


Good luck on the exam.





2. des. 2016 08:38

The last day to hand in problemsets to get 16 approved is next Friday (25/11).

My son has a fever so I have stay at home today 


18. nov. 2016 09:26
31. okt. 2016 10:01
27. okt. 2016 12:03

The last lecture in this course will be on IR on Thursday. I will not be present on Friday, but the scheduled class will be the IR-problemset. From next week on there will be problemsets with combined NMR, MS, IR and UV-data.  



24. okt. 2016 18:24

I have to stay at home today with a sick child. Today's class will be problemset 9 and the last lecture will be on Thursday next week.


21. okt. 2016 08:30