Semesterside for KJM3200 - Høst 2018


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It is compulsory to attend the first day of lectures (Aug. 22)

Please note that there is an obligatory lecture Sept 4, 14.15-16.00. Here important information regarding the lab course, incl safety aspects, will be given. Students who do not attend, will not be allowed to start in the lab.

Also note that the lab course is on Mondays and Tuesdays 08.15-17.00 in weeks 37-43. The students must be prepared to be in the lab the whole day and should not chose other courses with obligatory activities on the same days

8. aug. 2018 13:33

The textbook for the course is J. E. McMurry, Organic Chemistry. Students who has used the 8th ed in KJM1110 can continue to use this one. Students who have not used this book before can buy the 9th edition

8. aug. 2018 13:26