Semesterside for KJM3200 - Vår 2015


Dette emnet bruker læringsplattformen Fronter.

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The required reading list is taken from John McMurry: “Organic Chemistry” 8nd ed. or Paula Y. Bruice, “Organic Chemistry” 7nd ed. as well as Lise-Lotte Gundersen “KJM 3200. Organic Chemistry II. Laboratory manual", 2015. A detailed required reading list will be available in Fronter. Students who have used "McMurry" or "Bruice" in their first org. chem. course, can continue to use the same book. Students who have used none of these before, are advised to use "McMurry". The Laboratory manual will be handed out in the first lecture

14. jan. 2015 10:22

The first lecture (Wednesday Jan. 21) is compulsory. Important safety information related to tha laboratory course will be given

14. jan. 2015 10:18